Council 4031 Officers
2017 – 2018 Fraternal Year

Ed Reed

Grand Knight
Edward C. Reed
(307) 899-2233

As chief officer, the Grand Knight is responsible for the overall welfare of the council. He is also responsible for observing the laws of the council and insuring that they are followed by all.

Rev. Mr. Gerald Boydston

Deputy Grand Knight
Rev. Mr. Gerald Boydston (Debbie)
(307) 527-7760

As second in command, the Deputy Grand Knight assists the Grand Knight in all council affairs and assumes the leadership role if the Grand Knight is absent.

Paul J. Sibley

Financial Secretary
Paul J. Sibley (Marlene)
(307) 527-5626

The Financial Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate and complete financial and membership records for the council and for ordering supplies from the Supreme Council.

Very Rev. Vernon F. Clark

Timothy Klukas (Veronika)

John W. Robb, Jr. (Kate)

Dennis Beaudrie (Janice)

Chris Maslak (Trish)

Inside Guard
Paul Lanchbury (Kay)

Outside Guard
Jaime Morales (Laura)

One Year Trustee
George W. Morris (Pat)

Two Year Trustee
Charles L. Wolf (Christine)

Three Year Trustee
Alex H. Sitz III (Nanette)