Join us! Council members hosting a "Family Fully Alive" campout weekend at Buffalo Bill State Park

Become a Knight

Becoming a Knight of Columbus can transform your life. As a Knight, you have the opportunity to support your parish, give back to your community, grow in your faith and gain exclusive access to top-rated insurance programs to protect your family.

These are just some of the reasons to become a Knight. We are a band of brothers, a network of men in communities around the world dedicated to doing good in the service of God and our neighbor. We provide:

  • Support for the parish with its needs
  • Help to meet the needs of those in the local community
  • "Food for Families"
  • Support for programs that benefit people with intellectual disabilities
  • Aid to local victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events
  • Life-saving initiatives such as the "Ultrasound Program."

Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to men 18 years of age or older who are practical (that is, practicing) Catholics in union with the Holy See. This means that an applicant or member accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals, aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, and is in good standing in the Catholic Church.

We welcome new members and are always looking for Catholic men to assist the Parish and the Cody Community. A Membership Document (Form 100) is available from any Knight. After the membership document is approved by the council, the candidate is invited to a First Degree Exemplification. Upon receipt of the First Degree, the new Knight may attend all council meetings. First Degree members are encouraged to receive their Second and Third (Major) Degrees followed by the patriotic Fourth Degree. The council initiation fee is $10. Regular membership dues are only $36 per year. The council pays the dues for full-time students.

As a member of Council 4031, you will have unlimited opportunities to volunteer your time and talent on church, community, and family service projects. Council members are free to participate in as many (or as few) activities as their time and talents allow. So whether you have a large amount of time to offer or can only be active in a few council programs, we have a place for you!

If you are interested in joining or reactivating your membership, just attend one of our monthly meetings or contact any Council member. We'd love to have you with us!